Our Services

We are a development, data science and UI/UX design company that works closely with businesses and organisations to create custom software solutions.

Custom Development

Internet Cloud is equipped with the experience, tools, and resources to deliver bespoke solutions perfectly suited for your business.


Bespoke development

Cutting-edge technology

Client Services

Through support and client education, our client services team is well-equipped to offer assistance and responsive solutions.




Digital Consultancy

Drive competitive advantage and business growth by leveraging technology to reach your goals.

UI/UX Design & Strategy

Craft seamless user journeys with our UI/UX design & strategy expertise.

Software Development

Crafted precision meets software in custom software development.

Web Development

Transform ideas into reality with custom web design and app development.

API & 3rd Party Integrations

Seamlessly connect systems with API & 3rd party integrations.

Artificial Intelligence

Empower your business with machine learning and AI.

Custom development services

Custom app development allows your team members to streamline their work, focus on revenue-generating activities, and prevent unfortunate mistakes. Developing custom software is integral to creating and maintaining a market advantage.

Web Development

Transform your digital world AI excellence


Artificial Intelligence

Cloud Services

Integrations for
seamless workflows

Unlock unparalleled efficiency with our seamless
integrations into your workflow.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of projects can you build?
We can build pretty much everything: websites, web apps, mobile apps, blogs, platforms, and internal dashboards…you name it! We can also help you automate business operations using dynamic forms, data wrangling, and databases to digitise and streamline your work.
How much do you charge?
All projects are priced with fixed rate on a project by project basis, so you know exactly how much you’re spending. We also offer retainers and maintenance services, there may be some monthly fees for any tools/services we use to build your project. Those exact costs would be transparently charged directly to you.
How quickly can I get something launched?
Think days/weeks, not months.
Do you offer design services?
Yes! We believe digital products shouldn’t look like weekend hacks. We take pride in designing solutions that look as good as it gets.