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Buying a domain name and domain registration shouldn’t be complicated, that’s why we do everything can to make the process as simple as possible. We have a great selection of Top Level Domains (TLDs).
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Internet Cloud helps establish and protect the online presence of Australian businesses and the millions who use them.

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Expert, data driven domain strategies to maximise the business value of your domain portfolio.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a domain name and why do I need one?
A domain name serves as the entry point for users to access a website, akin to using a street address to locate a building. Behind the scenes, every online entity, whether it’s a website, server, or digital device, is linked to an IP address—a complex string of numbers and letters. Since memorising such IP addresses is impractical, domain names provide a user-friendly alternative, simplifying the process of finding and accessing online resources.
How do I search for a domain name?
Just input the desired web address into the domain name search box. Should the name you’ve entered be already registered, we’ll present alternative suggestions. If the domain is free, follow the on-screen prompts to finalise the registration.
How do I check if a domain is available?
To verify domain name availability, simply input it into the search bar of Internet Cloud, and we’ll promptly inform you whether it’s available or already owned by someone else.
How long does my domain name registration last?
The length of your domain registration may differ based on the domain extension you select. For most extensions, registrars permit registrations for up to 10 years. Typically, customers opt for one to three-year registrations. However, certain premium domains and gTLDs (such as .au and .com) may have shorter registration terms.

Renewing your domain with Internet Cloud is simple. You can opt for manual renewal or set up auto-renewal, ensuring your website name remains registered to you hassle-free.

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